• Restaurant carriage: Ro3b 3749

    Restaurant carriage Ro3b 3749 has a kitchen, two dining rooms and 48 seats. Built in 1946 in a series of three by Kalmar Verkstad, it has a welded steel body and was SJ’s first fully electric restaurant carriage.

  • Steam locomotive B 1316

    Steam locomotive B 1316 was built by Motala Verkstad in 1917 and was part of a series of 96 locomotives.

  • Electric locomotive D 432

    Electric locomotive D 432 was manufactured in 1936. It was part of a series of 333 locomotives produced by SJ and the private railways Bergslagarnes Järnväg and Dalslands Järnväg between 1925 and 1943.

  • Railbus Y6 1109

    Y6 1109 is a railbus built by AB Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna (ASJ) in Linköping in 1957.

  • Couchette BC2T 3566

    BC2T 3566 is a couchette carriage, but began its life as a seating carriage in 1944. In the 1960s, couchettes became a popular and cheaper alternative to sleeper carriages.

  • Crew carriage DFo25b 3096

    At one end of our trains there is almost always a large carriage with some funny skylights. This is DFo25b 3096, which was built by SJ as a postal wagon and baggage car in 1935.