• Ornate locomotive with wagons in front of the station in a wintry landscape.

    Electric locomotives

    An electric locomotive is a vehicle powered by electricity supplied along the railway track by catenary or busbar.

  • Locomotives in red, white and blue in front of a green round house.

    Diesel locomotives

    Diesel locomotives are locomotives powered by some type of internal combustion engine, usually a piston engine.

  • Black car running on rails.

    Railbuses and trolleys

    A railbus is a motor vehicle for a railway. Trolleys are used for maintenance and inspection.

  • Red train with a black roof on the track with a sleeping car closest to it. An empty track in the foreground and green grass in between.

    Closed train carriages

    Here are our sleeping and reclining carriages, staff carriages and train heating carriages.

  • A bright red spacious freight car stands still on a track.

    Freight wagons

    A freight wagon is a railway wagon intended solely for transporting goods.