• Sleeper carriage Ao3 3945

    Sleeper carriage Ao3 3945 is popularly known as the DG carriage, as SJ ordered it to serve as a representative carriage for SJ’s Director-General and guests.

  • Sleeper carriage WL5DE 4639

    Sleeper carriage WL5DE 4639 was built in 1958. As the first of SJ’s then outdated sleeper carriage fleet, it underwent a complete renovation in 1988. With the renovation, it became the first sleeper carriage with showers and toilets in the compartments.

  • Older sleeper carriage WL2 4480

    The classic sleeper carriage WL2 4480 was built in 1952. At that time, there was an increased demand for travel in sleeper carriages in both first and second class. This created a need for sleeper carriages that could travel at 130 km/h, which the old wooden carriages were not approved for.

  • Couchette BC2T 3566

    BC2T 3566 is a couchette carriage, but began its life as a seating carriage in 1944. In the 1960s, couchettes became a popular and cheaper alternative to sleeper carriages.

  • Crew carriage DFo25b 3096

    At one end of our trains there is almost always a large carriage with some funny skylights. This is DFo25b 3096, which was built by SJ as a postal wagon and baggage car in 1935.

  • Train heater wagon S17d 55134

    In the days of steam locomotives, passenger trains were heated with steam and the light typically came from generators and batteries under the carriages.