After a few years of renovation, the Swedish Railway Museum is happy to announce it reopens in summer 2024.

  • Contact us

    The museum opens in summer 2024, but you're welcome to contact us if you have any questions in the meantime.

  • About the Swedish Railway Museum

    Welcome to the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle. The railway museum for all of Sweden. The Railway Museum will reopen in the summer of 2024 after being closed for renovation for a number of years.

  • Part of SMTM

    The Swedish Railway Museum is part of the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums (SMTM).

Our Trains

  • Closed train carriages

    Here are our sleeping and reclining carriages, staff carriages and train heating carriages.

  • Couchette BC2T 3566

    BC2T 3566 is a couchette carriage, but began its life as a seating carriage in 1944. In the 1960s, couchettes became a popular and cheaper alternative to sleeper carriages.

  • Crew carriage DFo25b 3096

    At one end of our trains there is almost always a large carriage with some funny skylights. This is DFo25b 3096, which was built by SJ as a postal wagon and baggage car in 1935.

  • Diesel locomotive DAL 651

    DAL 651 is a light shunter that runs fossil-free on Ecopar Bio 100. A light shunter is a type of locomotive that is used for shunting and has a maximum power of 300 hp.

  • Diesel locomotive Z 68

    SJ’s first type of motorised locomotive was letter series Z, a very small locomotive manufactured by Bjurström AB Slipmaterial in Västervik.

  • Diesel locomotives

    Diesel locomotives are locomotives powered by some type of internal combustion engine, usually a piston engine.