Before your visit

Getting here

The Swedish Railway Museum is located at Rälsgatan 1 in Gävle. There are a number of ways to get here.

Railbus to the museum

During high season, you can take the railbus to the Railway museum from Gävle Central train station. The rail bus goes to both the Museum and the Train Hall and is included in the ticket price which you pay at the museum once there. 


Parking is available right next to the main entrance. Electric vehicle chargers will be available. During major events, the museum area will be opened up to provide additional parking.  


The Swedish Railway Museum strives to be accessible to everyone, and is constantly working to improve its accessibility.

During your visit

Food and drinks

The Ångpannan restaurant offers hot and cold dishes, light refreshments and drinks. There is also a picnic room in one of the train carriages at the entrance. No food or drink of any kind is allowed at the exhibitions.


Restrooms and changing tables are located next to the entrance.

Storage facilities

Lockers are available for outerwear and small bags. Please avoid bringing large bags into the museum, as we have no place to store these.  


The museum area is accessible with pushchairs. If there are a lot of people in the museum, we recommend that you park your pushchair in the designated area outside the entrance.  

Important information


Photography and filming in the museum are permitted for private use.


Assistance animals with a special certificate are welcome. Other pets are only allowed on the outside area in the railway park.

Track area

There are railway tracks in the area that must be treated with respect and care. The track area is a real track area and it is therefore forbidden to step on the tracks.

Electric lines

In the track area there are catenary lines that are live. Keep in mind that the area is a real track area and must not be walked on.