Many people are interested in the railway and its history and cultural heritage. The museum receives many offers, including from private individuals, for items to be included in the collections. Naturally, these offers are very welcome. Each offer is considered in relation to SMTM’s guidelines and objectives for the collection. We attach great importance to ensuring that the material offered complements the existing collection and that it tells the history of people and events.

We ask that you please do not submit unsolicited material to those working at the museum’s reception desk. Instead, please contact the agency’s registrar at, or contact one of the museum’s curators.


The museum regularly loans out artefacts from its collections. We welcome this, as it means that the collections reach a wider audience. We do not charge any administrative fee in connection with the loan.

The borrower must be able to meet the museum’s requirements for factors such as security and climate. The museum primarily lends items to other museums and public organisations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to borrow items as a private individual. Please contact the registrar or one of the museum’s curators for more information.

Financial appraisal

The museum is not able to appraise the financial value of items, neither its own or someone else’s. If you own an artefact you would like to have appraised, please contact an auction house or antique dealer. The Swedish Railway Museum focuses on the cultural and historical value of items.