• Steam locomotive B 1316

    Steam locomotive B 1316 was built by Motala Verkstad in 1917 and was part of a series of 96 locomotives.

  • Steam locomotive B 1429

    Steam locomotive B 1429 was built by Motala Verkstad in 1919 and was part of a series of 96 locomotives that SJ purchased over the years.

  • Steam locomotive E10 1746

    The E10 1746 is quite modern for a steam locomotive, and was built for heavy freight trains on tracks with low axle load.

  • Steam locomotive Ka 692

    Steam locomotive Ka 692 was built back in 1901 at Vagn & Maskinfabriken in Falun. It was the first locomotive the factory built.

  • Steam locomotive N 576

    Steam locomotive N 576 was manufactured at Motala Verkstad in 1900. SJ was in need of new and stronger shunter locomotives and purchased eight of the N-series.

  • Steam locomotive S1 1923

    Steam locomotive S1 1923 is the newest steam locomotive in the Swedish Railway Museum’s collection. After World War II, there was a need for stronger traction, but diesel locomotives were not advanced enough to replace steam locomotives. The last order of steam locomotives placed by SJ was of model S1.

  • Steam locomotive C7 1774

    The Swedish private railways developed completely different models of locomotives than SJ. Bergslagarnes Järnvägar (BJ) from Falun to Gothenburg was the largest company, and their locomotive model A/C/C3 from 1901 was a fast train engine for light and fast trains.