This carriage was one of SJ’s most luxurious carriage types in the 1940s and was commonly used in express trains on the main lines. It was built by Kockums in 1951 as a welded second class steel carriage.

The carriage has two saloons with an interior typical of the period, with earflap armchairs, teak walls and a birch veneer ceiling. The carriage was upgraded to a first class carriage in 1956, and remained in service until the late 1980s. The carriage has undergone very few changes over the years. It has been completely renovated and was put back into service in the 2000s for museum trips. The carriage is painted and marked as it looked between 1957 and 1970.  


KMV, 1951




23.5 metres


37 tonnes

Maximum permitted speed

130 km/h