Motorised draisine is an inspection draisine for SJ’s rail department, built just as it stands now by Hilding Carlssons Mekaniska Verkstad. Many believe it is a converted passenger car, but it was built entirely by HC. However, the grille is a shortened Ford truck grille from model year 1937.

This type of car draisine was built between 1938 and 1947, and SJ purchased a total of 21 and private railways purchased at least 4 more. This particular draisine was ordered in 1943 and delivered in September 1944. At that time, it was assigned number 137, which is engraved on the radiator. In connection with renumbering in the early 1960s, it was given number 2907. The idea was that vehicles that were about to be discontinued would be given a number under 3000, but 2907 came to survive longest of all.

It was in Sundsvall in the 1960s and finally ended up in Östersund. Those in power locally in relation to the railway thought it was a shame to scrap it, and it was refurbished as late as around 1980.

At that time, the 60 hp Ford V8 engine was replaced with a Volvo B18, and the three-speed gearbox was replaced with a four-speed one. It then remained in Östersund, tenderly cared for until 2011, when it became a museum exhibit and was donated to the Swedish Railway Museum by Infranord. We also have number 122 in our collections, and it still has the old drivetrain.

The motorised draisine is operated from the rear seat, while the person inspecting the track sits in the front. The draisine is approved as a small vehicle in blocked line operation and shunting with a maximum permitted speed of 70 km/h. Its direction of travel can be changed by hand-pumping a jack inserted at the bottom centre of the draisine and then turning the draisine by hand.