Taking inspiration from the trains in North America, the locomotives had a softer and rounder design than the previous square electric locomotives and were painted orange instead of brown. The speed was also completely different. They could travel at up to 150 kilometres per hour and were therefore given the name Rapidlok, which means Rapid locomotive.

SJ was eager to start operating at speeds higher than 120 kilometres per hour, which was the maximum speed at the time. The Rapidlok proved to work well for this purpose, as they were fast and lightweight express trains. SJ therefore acquired another eight Rapidlok in 1961.

This locomotive was in service until the mid-1980s, after which the Swedish Railway Museum took over. The locomotive was completely renovated for the railway's 150th anniversary in 2006 and rebuilt so that it now looks like it did when it was new.


NOHAB and ASEA, 1955


15.1 metres


62 tonnes

Engine power

3,600 hp

Maximum permitted speed

150 km/h