In the mid-1950s, SJ purchased three light shunter models called Z61 (Kockums), Z62 (Hägglunds & söner) and Z63 (Nohab). In the late 1970s, SJ decided to give these three models the same designation, Z67, and to modernise all 31 of these with the same engine, diesel-hydraulic transmission and power, even if the actual appearance differed.

During its time with SJ, the locomotive was primarily used in northern Sweden, and many ended up with the national rail administration, Banverket. Z61 363 was rebuilt by Hägglunds in 1981 and renamed Z67 626. The light shunter is used for our shunting operations in Gävle, and the colour and marking it had in the 1980s has been restored.


  • Z67 is a letter series designation, where Z indicates that the vehicle is a light shunter (approx. 300 hp).
  • 67 is model 67 in the Z family
  • 626 is the locomotive’s unique identifier number


Kockums, 1957


9.2 metres


32 tonnes

Engine power

365 hp, engine Cummins KT1150L  

Maximum permitted speed

60 km/h