Museum trains can be different to what you are used to with modern operators on Swedish railways. Here we take up some things that may be good to know when you travel with Swedish Railway Museum.


Before 1956 trains were divided into first, second and third class. In those days first class was rather unusual and was mainly used in more luxurious special carriages. It was then decided to discontinue first class throughout the whole of Europe. This meant that third class was transformed into second class and second class became what we have come to know today as first class. Most of Swedish Railway Museum's carriages that are used in traffic are intended to show what a train looked like in the years around 1950.

When making reservations for our trips you will notice that we only offer first and second class, like other modern trains.


Since the trains are old, they are unfortunately not adapted for people with disabilities. If you have difficulty moving around or getting on and off please contact our staff, who will be pleased to assist you.

We have plans for a coach that can be fitted with wheelchair hoists and adapted for disabled travellers. The project is currently postponed for the future. 

Prams and wheelchairs

Older carriages have narrow vestibules and corridors leaving very little room for prams, wheelchairs and strollers. We do not have any possibility to carry these on our trains but store them in our goods wagon. Nor can we lift a wheelchair on and off with a person sitting in it.


All travellers regardless of age need to have a valid ticket. Children may have discounted prices; please refer to the details for the trip in question.


Dogs are not permitted on our trains.


Our trains are kept clean but some materials are old and we can therefore unfortunately not guarantee that people who are allergic to dust will not encounter problems.


When you buy a ticket for one of our trips, our intention is to give you a pleasant experience. Should a problem occur during the trip we do our best to get you to your destination, or home again, depending on where you purchased your ticket. We take no responsibility for connecting trains with other operators unless we state this explicitly in our advertising.

The trains have toilets and heating. 

Fancy a snack or dinner?

We often sell light refreshments on board in our buffet car and some trips offer a more exclusive lunch or dinner in the dining car. Read about this in our advertisements.

At request we can offer vegetarian, gluten- and lactose-free alternatives. Please contact us  about these requirements when making reservations.

Something to drink?

We often sell hot and cold beverages on board in our buffet car. Some trips also offer wine and beers. Please notice that it is not allowed to bring your own alcohol on board the train. If alcohol is offered on board the train, then it is allowed to bring it to your seat.