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Charlotte Hagström

Research Coordinator at SMTM/Swedish Railway Museum. Associate professor in ethnology and lecturer in archival science at Lund University.

Areas of interest: transport history, railway as a hobby, train and railway enthusiasts, passenger perspective, railway history, cultural heritage. Works with the project Transporthistoriska underlag [Transport history data], the museum’s book production, the Det här är också järnvägshistoria [This is also railway history] podcast, and collaboration with university programmes and research environments.


Phone: 026-455 14 77

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Björn Hasselgren

Scientific Adviser to SMTM/Swedish Railway Museum Holds a PhD in planning and planning theory at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Senior Adviser at the Swedish Transport Administration in strategic infrastructure planning. Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economic History at Uppsala University.

Areas of interest: the long-term development of transport infrastructure, 18th century to present day. Matters related to the organisation and financing of transport infrastructure, and the balance between public and private responsibility for the systems.


Phone: 070-762 33 16