Inside, the carriage is beautifully decorated with intarsia wood inlay depicting Gothenburg and Malmö. This artwork was created by Ewald Dahlskog.

All food is cooked from scratch on board in the original kitchen, and our maître d’ and staff serve it with finesse on both linen tablecloths and porcelain from TR, Trafikrestauranger, which was SJ’s subsidiary for on-board food service.

The carriage is called the Cronstedt Carriage after Rudolf Cronstedt (1826–1906), a count, engineer and civil servant who served as the Director-General of SJ between 1887 and 1897. In the 1980s, SJ named all of its special and conference carriages after former Directors-General, at which time carriage 3749, which was part of this fleet, was named the Cronstedt Carriage.  


KV, 1946


23.5 metres


47 tonnes



Maximum permitted speed

130 km/h