Built in 1938 by Allmänna Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna in Linköping, the carriage has a riveted steel body. It served as a third class carriage until 1956, when it was upgraded to second class.

This type of carriage was used in express trains on the main lines, as a complement to the train’s restaurant carriage. The restaurant carriage only offered seated meals, while the buffet carriage offered a smaller and lighter assortment. The buffet carriages were also used in other trains whether there was a need for catering.

Carriage 3200 was completely renovated in 1998 and has the appearance of a third class carriage from 1938–1956.  


ASJL, 1938


54 in 2nd class + 24 in the café  


23.5 metres


46 tonnes

Maximum permitted speed

130 km/h