When Nässjö-Oskarshamns Järnväg was nationalised in 1946, SJ decided that autumn to take the carriage out of service for renovation and rebuilding. This was done at the SJ workshop in Malmö. When the work was complete in October 1947, it had been converted to a combination baggage car and seating carriage. The carriage was renamed CF4 3896 and served as a conductor’s car in local freight trains, including on the old Nässjö-Oskarshamns Järnväg.

Use of the carriage ended in 1962, and the following year it was parked in the Hultsfred local heritage park with a locomotive from NOJ. It remained there until 2009, when it was removed.

It was renovated in 2015–2016 by the Friends of Swedish Railway Museum association in Ängelholm. The carriage now looks as it did after the overhaul in 1947, but before 1956.  


Ljungrens, Kristianstad 1901, rebuiltby SJ in Malmö, 1947  



Loading capacity

2.2 tonnes


12 metres


15.6 tonnes

Maximum permitted speed

90 km/h