The S1 steam locomotive is a tank locomotive, a type able to travel equally fast both forwards and backwards. It has large bunkers and is quite strong. The locomotive is intended for both passenger and freight traffic, and SJ purchased 20 of this model.

The locomotives were delivered in 1952–1953, and S1 1923 was part of this delivery.

S1 locomotives were used, for example, on the Ystad Line (Ystadbanan), the Simrishamn Line (Simrishamnsbanan), Halmstad-Nässjö, Borås-Alvesta, Ludvika-Vansbro, the Inland Line (Inlandsbanan) and the Norrland light rail lines.

This particular locomotive was in Östersund and pulled its last train between Sveg and Hede in 1966. It then became a museum locomotive and was parked next to the station in Sveg for many years. In the 1990s, the locomotive ended up at the Swedish Railway Museum after a renovation in Grängesberg. The locomotive is good for trips where you want to avoid a tender locomotive that travels slowly with the tender first.


Nydqvist & Holm AB, 1952 


14 metres


78.2 tonnes

Engine power

Tractive effort 8.1 tonnes or about 830 hp  

Maximum permitted speed

80 km/h forward and in reverse