This model of locomotive was intended for use in heavy express trains and fast freight trains. With its grandiose appearance – rearward leaning cylinders, wind splitter cab and pointed smokebox – it was a stylish, fast and popular locomotive model. They are two-cylinder locomotives and run on three drive axles. The driving wheels are high to be able to travel at what were considered high speeds at that time.

The B-series of locomotives was used in service for a long time, and B 1429 was used in the Gothenburg and Norrköping areas towards the end. They were taken out of service in the late 1960s. It has a 4-axle tender, which gives it ample storage.
In 2020, it became the first steam locomotive in Sweden to be equipped with an Automatic Train Control system (ATC), which prevents the locomotive from driving too fast and from failing to stop for red signals.  


Motala Verkstad, 1919


19.5 metres


117 tonnes

Tractive effort 9.6 tonnes or about 1,180 hp  

Maximum permitted speed

90 km/h forward and 60 km/h reverse