The nice thing is that there is a cab to drive from and then you are pushed by the railbus from behind. The trailer has a seating area with 31 seats and 16 square metres of baggage space.

The trailer was built by Eksjöverken in 1960 in a series of 20. It is currently owned by Örnsköldsviks Järnvägssällskap, but is on loan to the Swedish Railway Museum for its railbus services.


UBF7Z is a designation (class) of the railbus type and means:

  • U = Trailer for railbus
  • B = Second class
  • F = Luggage department
  • 7 = Type 7 within the U family (interior same as Y7)
  • Z = Maneuver carriage for both electric and diesel-powered railbuses
  • 2095 is the railbus trailer's individual number  


Eksjöverken, 1960


17.1 metres


14.5 tonnes

Maximum permitted speed

115 km/h