After the renovation, the carriage was given the designation WL5. It was modernised in 2010 and painted black.

In the end, the carriage was approved for traffic to Germany and it was used, for example, in SJ’s night train between Malmö and Berlin. The carriage was taken out of service on 2 April 2013, and was purchased by the Swedish Railway Museum in May the same year.

The carriage is in very good condition and is very comfortable, with beds of especially good quality. There is a shower and toilet at one end of the carriage, and four of the compartments have a private shower and toilet. In January 2014, the carriage exterior was restored to the condition it had when the renovation in 1988 was complete.


WL5DE is a type designation (class) of the wagon and means:

  • WL = Sleeping car
  • 5 = Model 5 in the WL family, which has to do with the interior
  • DE = Adapted for traffic to Berlin, 1500 V AC electric heating and loops for train ferry
  • 4639 is the wagon's unique identifier number  


Kockum's 1958, rebuilt in 1988 at SJ's main workshop in Malmö


20 (10 compartments)


23.5 metres


48 tonnes

Maximum permitted speed

160 km/h