SJ bought a total of 360 Rc locomotives up through 1988. There have been many variants over the years: Rc1, Rc2, Rc3, Rc4, Rc5, Rc6, Rc7 and Rm.

It is worth noting that 360 Rc locomotives and 6 Rm locomotives were built for SJ, but additional locomotives were built for export to Iran, Norway, Austria and the USA.

Rc1 1007 was the first Rc locomotive and then was used as a shunting locomotive for Green Cargo in Borlänge. It was eventually purchased by the Swedish Railway Museum in December 2014. The following year, the locomotive was renovated and painted so that it now looks as it did after an overhaul in 1978.

The locomotive was the first museum locomotive in the Nordic region to be equipped with ETCS for the new ERTMS signalling system in 2024.  


ASEA, Vagn och Maskinfabriken, NOHAB, and Motala Verkstad, 1966, delivered to SJ in 1967  


15.5 metres


76.8 tonnes

Engine power

4x900 kw = 3,600 kw

Maximum permitted speed

135 km/h