SJ bought 102 of these locomotives in the early 1960s for use in shunting and light freight traffic. Together with the T43, they drove the last steam locomotives out of service. They were equipped for multi-coupled operation, where two locomotives were run together.

All Z65s had a blue-white-red colour scheme from the beginning. Many people think that they are painted the same as the T43s, which are the same age. However, the colours are actually reversed.

They originally came with a diesel-hydraulic transmission and a Rolls-Royce engine, but over the years several of these engines were replaced with a Scania or Deutz engine.

After operating in areas such as Sundsvall and Linköping, the locomotive first ended up at the railway school in Mjölby and then in Ängelholm before becoming a museum locomotive. In 2017, it was restored to its old colour scheme and marking and was used as a shunter locomotive in Gävle. Many Z65s were converted to Z70s, but to this day there are still a few Z65s in operation.


Z65 is a designation (class) of the locomotive type and means:

  • Z = Locomotive with a maximum of 300 hp
  • 65 = Of type 65 within the Z family
  • 492 is the locomotive's individual number


Kalmar Verkstad, 1962


28 tonnes

Engine power

265 kw, Deutz KHDF12M716

Maximum permitted speed

60 km/h