Diesel-electric means that the large GM two-stroke V12 drives a main generator, which in turn powers four electric motors, mounted in the locomotive’s bogies.

The locomotives were given an attractive and stylish colour scheme as they were to be used on some lines that were at risk of closure, but were still supposed to give a positive image of SJ.

Over the years, the locomotives have been used on most lines in Sweden that do not have overhead wires, and about half of them are still used by different operators in Sweden.

Number 235 was used in southern Sweden and was stationed in Borås, Norrköping and Halmstad (listed in chronological order) before it was made a museum locomotive in the early 1990s. It was then used in Hässleholm and was SJ’s last T43 in freight train service. In 2014, the locomotive was repainted in its old colour scheme, as shown in the picture.

The locomotive is equipped with Automatic Train Control (ATC) and can be used for operations almost anywhere on the Swedish railway network The locomotive is often seen as part of the Vildmarkståget, “the Wilderness Train”, where it is coupled to a train heater wagon to supply power (1000 V, 16 2/3 Hz) to the train.


T43 is a designation (class) of the locomotive type and means:

  • T = Diesel locomotive with more than 300 horsepower for regular traffic
  • 43 = Of type 43 within the T family
  • 235 is the locomotive's individual number  


NOHAB and GM, 1962  


14.2 metres


72 tonnes

Engine power

1,425 hp

Maximum permitted speed

95 km/h