Diesel-electric means that a diesel engine drives an electric generator, which in turn drives several electric motors. Locomotive T41 204 has a GM two-stroke V12 that drives a main generator, which in turn powers four electric motors, mounted in the locomotive’s bogies.

The locomotive was built in a series of five locomotives, and they were SJ's first self-designed linear diesel locomotives. They were used until 1962 for passenger traffic between Halmstad and Nässjö and between Borås and Alvesta. Eventually, they came to run a lot on the Mora-Borlänge stretch, which they did until 1978.

Locomotive T41 204 then pulled freight trains around Östersund, before it ended up at the Swedish Railway Museum. Here it has been renovated to the appearance it had in the 1970s.

The Swedish Railway Museum also owns locomotive T41 200, which is currently kept at the Nässjö Railway Museum.


T41 is a designation (class) of the locomotive type and means:

  • T = Diesel locomotive with more than 300 horsepower for regular traffic
  • 41 = Of type 41 within the T family
  • 204 is the locomotive's individual number



NOHAB and GM, 1955  


15.4 metres


84 tonnes

Engine power

1,425 hp

Maximum permitted speed

100 km/h