• Fences and enclosures

    Right from the start of the railway in 1856, State Railway (SJ) fenced off its areas to keep the track free from encroachment as far as possible. The fencing was also used to mark the boundaries of the property in relation to neighbouring properties.

  • Track tender’s cabins

    Various standard models of track tender’s cabins have existed along the railways of Sweden at intervals ranging from 2.5 to 20-odd kilometres.

  • Round houses

    A round house or station is a building for the maintenance and storage of locomotives. There were a number of other buildings near the locomotive station that were used for operations.

  • Railway stations

    Construction of the Southern and Western Main Lines began in 1855. Construction of the Southern Main Line (Södra stambanan) began in Malmö, while construction of the Western Main Line (Västra Stambanan) began in Gothenburg. When construction first started, it was not yet clear which route the lines would take through the country.