En skulptur i form av en groda som sprutar vatten i en damm.

At the Swedish Railway Museum we collaborate with researchers about railway history and transport history. The Research Coordinators endeavours to develop partnerships with higher education institutions, supports the production of exhibitions, assists in putting together the museums' lecture programmes, and acts as an internal support in matters concerning knowledge and scientific approaches. They also edit the yearbook from the Swedish Railway Museum and other publications.

Research is primarily conducted within subject areas that are associated with activities at the Swedish Railway Museum. Latterly, this research has been focused on gardens along railways, historical paints, and archive materials.

Publications (a selection)

Promoting modernity through cultivation: Early Swedish railway gardens and the art of improving nature.

Article by Anna Lindgren and Katarina Saltzman. Published in Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift issue 81 from 2021.
See pages 7-26 for the English article via the link below:

Painting Treatments of Weather-Exposed Ferrous Heritage. Exploration of Oil Varnish Paints and Painting Skills

By Arja Källbom. Dissertation from University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg 2021.