Many private individuals contact us wishing to donate for example their grandfather's old station master's uniform, signal lanterns, photographs, archive documents and similar. However, we have very many examples of certain items and so it is important that you contact us first so that we can see if we are able to accept your gift.


Like to donate something to our collections?

Please, call or send an e-mail.


Contact: Robert Herpai (Curator)
Email: robert.herpai@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)26–455 14 62


Contact: Emelie Svensson (Curator)
Email: emelie.svensson@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)26–455 14 66

Contact: Katarina Sandberg (Curator)
Email: katarina.sandberg@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)26–455 14 68

Contact: Kristin Thorrud (Curator)
Email: kristin.thorrud@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)26–455 14 65


Email: registrator@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(8)8-519 549 48


Contact: Christina Engström (Curator)
Telephon: +46(0)26–455 14 61